Poison Ivy Soap with Mini Soap Saver

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(3.5 oz) To help soothe irritated skin from poison ivy, sumac, and other rashes. A must have for any outdoorsman or gardener. Great to use while camping as an all-around soap bar.

Formulated with Sweet Fern (an aromatic herb used for poison ivy), Calamine powder (calms skin), Manuka honey (to nurture skin and known for its antibacterial properties), and Aloe Vera juice (cools the skin) all in a base of organic oils.

These handmade soaps are done in controlled batches to keep the integrity of each bar and its fragrance true. They are made of the finest ingredients, with pure essential oils.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet fern tea, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera juice, sodium lactate, manuka honey, calamine powder, oatmeal, essential oils, silk fibers.

The silk fibers break down in the soap and become silk proteins. It gives a lovely silky feel to the lather and enhances lather!


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