Linen Produce Bag Set

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           Long lasting.                     Moisture-Wicking.                     Anti-microbial                         Scientifically Proven


Ambrosia produce bags are born out of old world wisdom and modern day technology to provide a simple and natural way to keep vegetables fresher, longer.

Raw flax linen has inherent qualities that inhibit bacteria and mold unlike any other natural textile. The hollow fibers have a high absorption rate while staying air-permeable, creating the ideal atmosphere for the maximum shelf life for all your produce in the refrigerator.


How to Use:

Vegetable & Leafy Greens

  • Rinse vegetables or sprinkle water on greens.
  • Place in the bag while wet.
  • Zip shut and store in the crisper drawer.

Mushroom & Berry

  • Place unrinsed mushrooms or berries in the bag.
  • Zip shut & store on the refrigerator shelf.


Bag Sizes:

Vegetable Bag:
Large (12" L × 6" W × 7" H)

Leafy Greens Bag:
Medium (10.5" L × 5.5" W × 3.5" H)

Berry Bag:
Medium (10.5" L × 5.5" W × 3.5" H)

Mushroom Bag:
Small (8.5" L × 5" W × 3" H)

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