Leaf Razor - Chrome

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There is no razor like The Leaf! Refill with up to three blades, and follow all the contours with the unique pivoting head.

The Leaf razor is designed to shave just like the common 5 blade cartridges. As close a shave. As easy a shave. As safe a shave. Except with none of the plastic-waste, and with refills that cost pennies.

✓ Triple-blade efficiency
✓ Pivoting head ease
✓ Magnetic Load Assist™
✓ Works with standard safety razor blades, just snap them in half carefully.
✓ Adjusts to your needs (full-loaded for the closest shave, remove the bottom blade for more sensitive skin) A long, balanced handle delivers control.

What's Included: • The Leaf razor • 10x Single-Edge Blades • Plastic-Free Packaging • Carbon Neutral

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