Hone Alone Razor Sharpener

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Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on replacing high quality razor blades?

With the Hone Alone Razor Sharpening Block you can extend the life of your razor cartridges by 5-7 times!

It works on any cartridge like the Mach 3™ or Atra™, and a few passes on Hone alone will renew your blade. No exact numbers are known or released, but the estimates are between 1 and 2 billion blade cartridges are thrown into landfills every year! Not only is this wasteful but it is dangerous. The most common blade cartridge has 3 blades. So that means somewhere between 3 to 6 billion sharp, steel blades are thrown into landfills EACH year. By using Hone Alone, you can help reduce this number by 75%. It really is that easy to save money and the environment by reducing the amount of cartridges being thrown out everyday with Hone Alone. Hone Alone works with virtually all women’s razors too!

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