Sweet Orange & Rosemary Candle 8oz

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The Sweet Orange & Rosemary Candle is an absolute must for those deep cleaning days. The combination of these two essential oils gives off a light cleansing aroma that fills an entire room. We have been told by many customers that this is the perfect kitchen candle, and we agree - wholeheartedly.

These candles are made with 100% natural beeswax, and they are poured into a recycled glass container. Most commercial candles use paraffin wax, which is widely known to be toxic. Even soy candles contain trace amounts of paraffin, not to mention 90% of the soy crop is genetically modified.

Beeswax candles actually purify the air with negative ions, eliminating toxins from your home!

These candles are scented with essential oils instead of fragrance oils to stay away from synthetics. A lot of people are very sensitive to fragrances - often getting sick from the potent smells.

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