2oz On-the-Go Organic Disinfectant Spray

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Take this 2oz bottle of disinfectant with you out and about! Use it on restaurant tables and chairs, your car door handle, anywhere that needs disinfecting!

The organic ethyl alcohol is perfect for killing germs and viruses very quickly! This product is 78% alcohol, exceeding the CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards for disinfectants (70%). 

Directions: Spray it on your surfaces, and then let it dry. You don't want to wipe it up as you want to give it the maximum amount of time to work on killing anything on the surface. You can wipe up any drips after a few minutes. 

Ingredients: Organic Ethyl Alcohol & Distilled White Vinegar

Caution: Do not use this in place of hand sanitizer, it is too strong to be used directly on skin.

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