Kapok Pillow Body

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Kapok is our most popular pillow fill due to its soft and fluffy feel. It’s the plant-based alternative to down that we can’t stop raving about. As you hug this cozy body pillow, you’ll keep your spine aligned and your pressure points supported by this buoyant natural fiber.

All Savvy Rest organic body pillows have unbleached, naturally-colored organic cotton casings with a soft flannel finish. A fitted organic cotton pillowcase is also included.

Need to adjust the firmness? Our body pillows are intentionally overstuffed. Simply unzip the inner and outer casings to remove the natural fill. This unique feature allows our customers to have the perfect pillow for their needs.

Length: 52”
Widths: 15”, 17” and 20”
(Measurements are approximate)
Pillowcase included. 

Return Policy: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of this item. Allowing returns would require us to spray our products with chemicals in order to "clean" and resell them, harming the purity of our natural materials. We thank you for your support and understanding.

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