Kooch Quench Salve

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The Kooch Quench is a moisturizer for your vagina. Some bacteria and yeast thrive in and promote a dry yoni. Coconut oil infused with chamomile and lavender make for an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory environment causing those uninvited guests to bounce. Dryness can occur for other reasons, and discomfort down under puts the brakes on good feelings. The Kooch Quench does a stellar job at supporting cell repair, so if you’re healing up post birth or have yoni dryness- this salve is a great aid. Can be used as a lubricant, but not with condoms!!!

Part of the medicine of this salve is its staying power. The beeswax helps to keep the plant infusion in place. To start, warm up a pea size amount with CLEAN HANDS and apply to the outside, and just within the yoni.



Chamomile*, Lavender* Infused Coconut Oil*, Beeswax
(*Denotes Organic Ingredients)


SIZE - 2 Fluid Ounces

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