Soma Filter- Pack of Two

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Filters are good for 40 gallons of water (about 2 full Soma Carafes per day), or about two months for a typical household.

Soma's filtration technology was designed by leading experts and is made of 65% renewable, plant-based materials. So, you can feel good about your water.

  • Soma filters out: Chlorine, taste and odor, Zinc, Copper, and Mercury

How to change your Soma filter:

  1. Soak: Begin by soaking your new filter, laying it flat in cold water for 15 minutes 
  2. Rinse: Rinse your filter under running water for 10 seconds
  3. Insert: Align your filter and pushing it firmly into place, then put the lid back on
  4. Fill: Give your plants the water from the first three to five fills-- they'll enjoy the carbon dust that may appear initially.

Case pack of two filters.

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