Delta Palm Square Basket 9x9

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Tough and good-looking, kaisa grass makes a useful, fun 9x9 basket for your home. Hand-woven. Kaisa is a sturdy wild grass that dries from its natural light green to a pale, almost tan color. Artisans cut kaisa grass from riverbanks during the monsoon season, leaving the roots for the next year‘s crop. Later growth of kaisa is thicker and stronger, and is used to make fences in the villages. The cut kaisa grass is sundried and cleaned, then woven into baskets.

  • Kaisa grass
  • 9 square inches
  • Made in Bangladesh


Meet the Makers:

Hajiganj is a group of women artisans in one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh, where people are mostly dependent on hiring out to rich farmers who pay very low wages.

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