Eco Wool Kitty Cave - Tree Motif

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Cats love these eco Kitty Caves! The organic wool provides them with a cozy, naturally insulated, safe, and soothing environment.  The natural antibacterial properties of the Organic New Zealand wool keeps your cats and kittens cleaner and smelling better - and when it’s time to clean it, it’s easy to do so with soap and water.

The cave is also collapsible, so in warmer weather (or just if you kitty prefers it!) your cat can lie on top of the cave!

After many years of love from your kitty you may decide that it's time to retire your kitty cave, which is all compostable since it is 100% wool so nothing needs to be sent to the landfill.

Handmade with love by underprivileged women in Nepal for fair wages, in ethical working conditions.


Extra large! At 20" they are big enough for the mightiest kitty, or the most numerous litter!



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