Oasis Phoenician Stemless Goblet & Votive

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Recycled bottles smashed into pieces, melted in high temperature ovens then rolled and blown by skilled artisans create these uniquely patterned green goblets. This stunning piece can also be used as a candleholder. The striated pattern produces a gentle glow that warms any room.

  • Material: Phoenician Glass, made from recycled bottles
  • Care: Handwash only
  • Due to the handblown nature of Phoenician glass, each goblet is unique and patterns and shades vary, which makes each, one‒of‒a‒kind.
  • Holds 14oz. 3"D x 4"H
  • Handcrafted in West Bank

Meet the Maker:

Named for its location, Hebron Glass is located in the historic West Bank city of Hebron, well-known for its traditional glass-blowing. Hebron Glass operates three main workshops in Hebron, in addition to artisans who work in their own homes. Some 60 artisans, women and men, work with Hebron Glass, earning excellent income and benefiting from safe working environments. Established in 1890, Hebron Glass is a family business that has expanded over the years and is now exporting traditional glassware and ceramics products. The group aims to build lasting relationships with fair trade associations and provide artisans with orders throughout the year. All tabletop items created by Hebron Glass are lead-free and safe to use.

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