Bamboo Tasting Spoon

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A favorite among cooks! Use this tasting spoon to stir and taste hot sauces and soups without getting burned. Made from a single piece of Certified organic bamboo, the spoon is the perfect size and length for making the final taste test. Hand-shaped and finished, then burnished and polished to a satiny feel. Does not impart or absorb flavors. Won’t scratch cooking surfaces.


  • Lightweight and stronger than wood
  • Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial
  • Natural food-safe oil finish
  • Hand wash for longer life


We introduced this design eight years ago. It's one of those 'go to' utensils for us. It stands up taller than the others. And for tasting soup from a large pot....well, that's why it's a long handled tasting spoon. It gets a lot of use in our kitchen. 

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