Bamboo Hair Brush Large

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This bamboo hair brush is a zero waste alternative to hair brushes made with synthetic materials. It has a natural and luxurious feel, and functions exactly like conventional hair brushes.

  • Brush pins are pure bamboo
  • Cushion base is natural rubber
  • Wooden handle has a beeswax finish

The Bamboo Hair Brush is resistant to water damage. However, excessive water exposure should be avoided. If the brush becomes wet, we recommend using a towel to wipe it dry. When properly cared for, this hair brush can last for decades.

Believe it or not, using a wooden brush can seriously improve the circulation to your scalp. And trust me, you’ll feel the difference immediately. 

Wooden hairbrushes aren’t harsh on your scalp or hair the way plastic is. The more you brush your hair with it, the smoother the hair will feel. And, you’ll stimulate blood flow to the scalp as well. This actually helps promote hair growth!

Thanks to the increase in circulation to your scalp, more natural oils and less tugging at tangles means your follicles below the scalp respond better. This results in thicker, healthier and longer hair. 

This hair brush is 9.75 in/25 cm tall and 3.25 in/8.5 cm wide.

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