Complete Mouth Care Kit

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Buy this kit for a discount over buying each item singly!

We put together the ultimate mouth kit to makeover your dental care routine!

It features:

Tooth Soap- for use daily in the place of conventional toothpaste
Tooth Powder- for use once weekly to scrub away surface stains
Bamboo Toothbrush- the handle is compostable
Tongue Scraper- helps to eliminate more mouth bacteria than brushing alone
Dental Lace- biodegradable dental floss replacement*
Vial of Monterey Bay Seal Salt- for salt gargling

This kit will come packaged in a reusable organic cotton bag!


If you've been looking to cut down the waste in your dental care routine, this kit is perfect for you!

Check out this email we sent out for even more information!


*If you would like your Dental Lace to be vegan, please let us know in the notes when you place your order!

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