Wood Model- Wind Mill

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This Mechanical Mill is sure to please the whole family as it turns. To make the mill paddles move you have to rotate the winder several times and release the brake lever. 

But not only the mechanism works inside the mill! Look who is running up and down the stairs? There are dwarfs, the mill workers!  The assembly of Mechanical Mill is entertaining and joyful activity.

Complexity of assembly: Medium
Assembly time: 4 hours
Quantity of parts: 131


Wood Trick self-propelled models are 100% unfinished with wood-burned details, and designed for self-assembly without glue or chemical materials!

Every Wood Trick 3D model has unique design and mechanical features. The assembly of these models is a pleasant, interesting, and challenging occupation both for kids and experienced constructors.

Models are manufactured in Berdyansk, Ukraine in accordance with all quality standards.

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