Wood Model- Bicycle

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Assemble your own wooden Bicycle model! This model will make you to re-think the “simple” design of your bike. The set has only 89 pieces, you can assemble it yourself or together with your child.

  • Every Wood Trick model:
    • enhances creative thinking skills,
    • promotes critical thinking skills,
    • develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Complexity of assembly: Easy
Assembly time: 1.5 - 2 hours
Quantity of parts: 89


Wood Trick self-propelled models are 100% unfinished with wood-burned details, and designed for self-assembly without glue or chemical materials!

Every Wood Trick 3D model has unique design and mechanical features. The assembly of these models is a pleasant, interesting, and challenging occupation both for kids and experienced constructors.

Models are manufactured in Berdyansk, Ukraine in accordance with all quality standards.

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