Wildflower Remedy Tea Samples

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These sample packs contain two sachets of tea, so you can try them out before committing to a whole box!

Super Immune is a soothing, strengthening blend of organic calendula, lavender, safflower, rose, and hibiscus flowers.

Inflammation Buster is a blend of organic chrysanthemum, heather, red clover, & rose flowers.

Cold & Flu Fighter is a blend of organic hibiscus, lavender, honeysuckle, yarrow, and elderflowers.

What Anxiety? is a calming blend of organic hibiscus, rose, lavender, and passion flowers.

Happy Hour is a detoxifying, blissful blend of organic chamomile, hibiscus, poppy, hops, and elderflowers.

Sleeping Beauty is a blend of organic chrysanthemum, chamomile, lavender, hibiscus, red clover, and rose flowers.

For full information on each tea, please refer to their individual listings.

How to Brew: Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. You can use the leaves for a second cup as well, allow second cup to steep for a full 5 minutes.

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