Happiest Hands Routine

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Combat cracked, dry, and itchy skin with our ultimate hand care routine!

This kit contains our all time favorite hand hydrator: Healing Hands Cream & 2 sets of gloves.

When you use Healing Hands it doesn't just work on the damage that's already there, it also helps to defend your hands against future uses of hand sanitizer and soap, keeping your hands softer over time!

To Use:
Apply Healing Hands Cream to your hands, and then cover them with our organic cotton gloves overnight. Please know that a little bit goes a long way with Healing Hands.

The gloves will help trap in the moisture for deep hydration for your hands. 

The gloves are washable/reusable, so you can repeat the treatment as many times as you would like!


Healing Hands Ingredients:

Calendula- anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory

Comfrey Leaf- for rapid cell regeneration

St Johns Wort flowers-  aids in the healing of nerve, circulatory and muscle tissue

Sage oil- anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory

Olive oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Vitamin C- provide moisture and sealing properties to make sure the beneficial ingredients are soaking into your skin.


Glove Sizing:

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