Pocket Rag Handkerchief

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These soft Organic Cotton Flannel Handkerchiefs are made by 13 year old Jori!

Pocket Rags are made of a 100% natural toned GOTS certified organic cotton flannel. They measure approx 10"x10", and are preshrunk.

They have a triangle pocket sewn onto one corner. This is the pocket into which the hanky can flip inside out to help prevent a messy pocket or bag on its way to the wash! The triangle pockets are made of 100% organic cotton which Jori hand tie dyes with organic home made plant based dyes. They produce beautiful ranges of natural earth tones. They are part of a new process of experimental dyeing techniques Jori has nicknamed, 'Jori-Shibori.'

The edges are finished with 100% Cotton thread to keep the cloth from fraying too much, as well the 100% Cotton composition of the entire product makes it compostable at the end of it's lifespan making this a zero waste friendly product!

These are made by an awesome kid who really cares about helping the environment, even if it is one little step at a time. Having a cloth hanky in your pocket or bag is such a handy item in day to day life situations that can also cut down on use of paper products, and thus help save trees!

These are made locally on Vancouver Island.

Care: We wash these in our daily laundry loads. We recommend air drying or drying on low as high heats can affect the fluff of flannel. Iron if desired.

When it gets too old and loses it's super softness use it for something else, then compost, and then come on back and get some new ones:)

100% Compostable!

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