UPDATE: It has taken us a little longer than anticipated to deep clean the store to remove all traces of the fumigation chemicals. We are now bringing all the product back to the store, which will take a few more days. We will be reopening on February 2nd. Thank you for your support and understanding, we can't wait to see you all again!

We were just informed that our entire building will be fumigated next weekend.


Our beautiful building is riddled with termites, and this needs to be taken care of before they damage the structure to a level that would cause even more repair and disruption to the stores and tenants.


In looking around our store full of beautiful fabrics and healthy products, we realized that this is going to be a big undertaking.


Because we care about the integrity and safety of our products, we are removing all the porous products before the tenting. We want to make sure the items are safe for you to purchase with no lingering chemicals. We will also be deep cleaning the store and running high powered air purifiers after the process is completed and while product is being returned into the store to help clear out any and all chemicals used during the fumigation. 

You are still welcome to order online during our closure, we will pack and ship/deliver new orders in the order in which they were received upon our return.


We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your support and understanding!