Rose Toner (Dry/Sensitive)

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Essential oil of rose is reputed to be one of the most soothing and moisturizing ingredients. It even has anti-wrinkle benefits. Emotionally it's regarded as a stress reliever - excellent for nerves and nausea.

How is it made? When we steam distill plants, the distillation process yields two substances. The first is the plant's pure essential oil, which is the condensed liquid scent and healing property of the plant. The second yield is floral water or hydrosol or toner, which is from the steam that passed through the plant material and was converted back to floral water. It also contains essential oil, but in a much more mild, diluted amount.

These floral mists are natural toners and refreshing facial mists due to the millions of powerful healing particles of essential oil that they contain. They not only tone, but refresh as they provide essential elements and nutrients for the skin.

Usage: Mist onto face and neck after cleansing or apply to clean cotton ball and use to remove residue. Excellent for setting make-up. Use throughout the day to refresh or cool off. 

Contains: Steam distilled hydrosol of pure Rose plants containing 100% pure, organic Rose essential oil particles

Size: 2.0 fl oz - 60ml with sprayer

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