Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer

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  • Non-toxic
  • ~150 uses per 2oz
  • Gentle on the hands
  • Larger Refill size (16oz) available in store!
  • 2oz bottle comes with sprayer, 8oz does not.

Our in-house made hand sanitizer exceeds all the CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards, but is much safer than the conventional options!

It has virus killing power without the unnecessary and unhealthy added ingredients! The aloe vera will help keep your hands softer, and help counteract the drying effect of the alcohol. Lavender oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for even more protection in our scented options!

The organic alcohol, which is the majority of the product, is the highest grade 190 proof organic cane alcohol versus the very cheap, (hard on the hands) isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

We chose this alcohol because it is less caustic to our bodies when we are using it repeatedly. Alcohols like rubbing alcohol are dangerous when used on the skin repeatedly. It is meant for small disinfecting jobs like wiping on a small cut or cleaning earrings. It penetrates through the skin and into the blood stream and can be toxic with high use. Also cheaper alcohols dry the skin out, creating rash, irritation and eventually cracks which make us susceptible to infection. 

In the store we have been using this hand sanitizer 40+ times a day and we have not felt the need to use lotion! People who have purchased it love it and call back to get more because they have also found this to be true! 

The other ingredients are organic aloe vera juice which makes the whole product a spray and not a gel. This makes it last for quite some time!

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