Insulated Compost Tumbler

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The Jora Composter simplifies and speeds up the process of making compost. It is a 'continuous-use' dual chamber composter. Dual chambers allow you to keep adding new materials to one compartment while the other matures. Because the unit is insulated and sealed, it converts kitchen waste to compost in 2-8 weeks. 

The Jora Composter will accept organic kitchen/household waste or anything biodegradable, including citrus, meat and bones. After adding waste, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks for each chamber to produce compost. Once both chambers are in operation you should be emptying one chamber every 6 to 8 weeks.

Jora Compost Tumbler 125

Capacity: 2-4 gal/week

Volume: 4.5 cubic feet (33 gal)

Weight: Approx 64 lbs

Suitable for: Smaller households ( 1-4 People depending household waste produced).

Jora Compost Tumbler 270

Capacity: 6-8 gal/week

Volume: 9.5 cubic feet (70 gal)

Weight: Approx 86 lbs

Suitable for: Larger households ( 4 and more People, B&B, Small restaurants, kindergartens, care home etc.

Jora Compost Tumbler 400*

Capacity: 13-21 gal/week

Volume: 14.2 cubic feet (104 gal)

Weight: Approx 161 lbs

Suitable for: Larger households, Restaurants, Schools, Larger quantities of kitchen and garden waste.

*This tumbler is available as special order only, please call us at (831) 624-1222 or email [email protected] for more information.*



  • 'Continuous-use' dual chamber composter
  • Dual chamber lets you keep adding new materials in one bin while other matures
  • Easy to use - rotates easily for maximum aeration
  • Insulated - great for cool climates and all-weather composting
  • Fully-enclosed and pest resistant
  • Elevated rodent proof design
  • Reduces odors
  • Insulation: 2.16" HDPE polyethylene - a stable, non-toxic plastic
  • Galvanized steel stand
  • Rust-proof stainless steel hardware

Product Details

  • Aeration Holes: Yes
  • Latching Lid: Yes
  • Number of Access Doors: 2
  • Vents: Yes
  • Compost Completion Time: 6 - 8 Weeks
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