Hot Start Showerhead

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The Hot Start Showerhead allows the user to turn on the shower at full flow and wait for the shower water to heat up without any worry of being wasteful as the water will shut off automatically when the optimal temperature (95 degrees) is reached. No more wasted hot water!

How to use:

1. Turn on your shower, the water will flow at full force until it reaches 95 degrees.

2. Once the shower temperature reaches 95 degrees the innovative Hot Start reduces the flow to a trickle, saving the user water, energy, and money. 

3. When you are ready to get in the shower, you press the RESUME button on the showerhead to bring the hot water back on full stream at a flow rate of 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM).

Also, the showerhead’s modern design and sleek chrome finish features three spray settings for the complete shower experience.


*The button on this showerhead only functions to resume the water, you cannot press it again to turn the water off while showering*

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