Bassinet/Cradle Wool Mattress

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Perfectly Breathable, Chemical-Free Safe Comfort for Infants

A wool mattress is the most breathable mattress you can find. It helps regulate your infant’s body temperature naturally by keeping her at the perfect temperature. Also, wool does not ignite. It’s actually a natural fire retardant barrier making it possible for this mattress to contain zero fire retardant chemicals. This is the beauty of how wool works.

This mattress is handmade with 100% Premium Eco-Wool™ batting and covered with 100% organic cotton canvas, creating a firm and safe natural mattress.

Each one is made with lots of local love!


Return Policy: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of this item. Allowing returns would require us to spray our products with chemicals in order to "clean" and resell them, harming the purity of our natural materials. We thank you for your support and understanding.



  • Premium Eco-Wool™ batting
  • Organic cotton fabric canvas fabric cover
  • Dimensions: 18” w x 35” l x 2.5” ht
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs
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