Decorative Dot Glass Straw (12mm)

Article number: GD-DD12-AM9
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PLASTIC STRAWS are always in the top 10 of number of items collected during beach cleanups. Some folks ask "Why do we need a beverage delivery system, anyway?" Well, it's true that up until about 100 years ago nobody had one!

At GlassDharma, our focus is to do what we can do and what we do best. Single use plastics are not only one of the biggest contributors to plastic pollution, it is also one of the (relatively) easier issues to remedy – at least when it comes to stopping the pollution. Cleaning up what is already there is another topic for discussion. Our company's focus is on making high quality drinking straws right here in Fort Bragg, California.

Colored dots add both fun and functionality. Used to color code your drinks (or just plain decorate your place setting), they also keep your straw from rolling off of the table or counter.

The 12mm straw is perfect for thicker drinks like smoothies, malts and shakes!

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