DuroTone Interior Wood Stain

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Safecoat DuroTone is a fast curing low odor semi-transparent interior wood stain using no aromatic solvents, formaldehyde, UV inhibitors or Hazardous Air Pollutants.

Available in Cognac, Walnut, Warm Cherry, Golden Oak, Honey Maple, Jacobean, Red Mahogany, Warm Oak, Nutmeg, Pecan, White Pickle. 


SPEC Sheet and MSDS available upon request, please email us at [email protected] to have them emailed to you.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Wood surface should be cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, wax, silicone, soap and oil, and completely free of mold, mildew or fungus contamination. Because of wide variations in the way different woods accept stain, we particularly recommend that users always test in small, inconspicuous areas for appearance and compatibility before application to the entire surface.

APPLICATION: Before using, stir Safecoat DuroTone well, then apply as is stirring occasionally during use. Intermix (boxing) all containers of the same color to ensure uniformity before applying. Apply with the grain using a brush or pad applicator always keeping a wet edge. Note: these instructions are intended to be general only and not exhaustive. The applicator should determine what preparation and techniques are best suited to the specific surface.

COVERAGE: One gallon of Safecoat DuroTone covers approximately 450 square feet in one coat depending on surface porosity and the intensity of the stain color desired.


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