Cutting Board & Salad Bowl Finish

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Bioshield Cutting Board and Salad Bowl Finish is made from natural oils that are non-toxic and food-safe so fresh green salads won't end up tasting like chemicals. This finish keeps salad bowls looking as appetizing as the greens that go in them. This is also great to keep your wooden utensils in tip top shape!

  • Food-grade – an excellent maintenance product for all types of wood
  • Easy application – just wipe on another coat; this finish will not peel or crack
  • All-natural ingredients – contains cold-pressed flax oil, organic lemon oil and lead-free driers
  • Non-toxic – free from phosphates, lead, synthetic fragrance or preservatives

Ingredients:Lead-free dryers (Zircon Octoat / Cobalt Octoat), Cold-pressed Flax Oil,  Lemon (organic).


Coverage (1 Coat) apx. 50-75 SF depending upon porosity of wood, humidity in the room and thickness of application. Be sure to wipe off any excess after drying 30 minutes or so.
Recommended # of Coats as needed
Re-coat After as needed
Drying Time 6-24 hours


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