Cold & Flu Fighter Tea

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Ease your cold & flu symptoms with this comforting & relaxing blend!

Cold & Flu Fighter is a blend of organic hibiscus, lavender, honeysuckle, yarrow, and elderflowers.

Elderflower treats early-stage symptoms of cold and flu, such as fever & body aches.

Lavender increases sleep quality by calming breathing & reducing cough.

Yarrow alleviates a runny nose & fights infections.

Honeysuckle reduces fever & relieves sore throats.

Hibiscus is high in vitamin C & kills bacteria.

Directions for steeping: Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes. You can use the leaves for a second cup as well, allow second cup to steep for a full 5 minutes.

Each jar contains 12 pre-filled, unbleached tea bags. 

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