CatTamboo Cat Toy

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CatTamboo toys are fly fishing poles for pets. Our ultra long, unique wand style feather toys combine modern technology with nature to create fly rods that effortlessly make feathers fly like birds.

  • These feather toys are designed to look like a real moth or bird by imitating their wings (much like fly fishermen do when tying flies to imitate bugs).
  • They utilize composite technology to provide lasting value to pet owners. These durable feather toys are designed to be fun for people and addictive for pets. The smooth rhythmic flight performance is fun and easy to create! And much like with the sport of fly fishing, you can test and improve your skills!
  • Unlike other cat toys with strings, dyed feathers and stiff plastic or fiberglass rods, our eco cat toys are stringless, safe for kids, environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemicals and dyes!
  • CatTamboo premium hand-crafted pet toys are eco friendly, interactive, durable, and fun!
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