Big Sur Sea Salt

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These salts are handcrafted with salts from the Big Sur area and herbs and spices grown by local farmers.
Use them for everything from veggies, to meats, or salads! The possibilities are endless!



This Mexican cuisine-inspired blend is often used to bring the next level of flavor to corn on the cob (hence the name). A dynamic combination of spice, smoke and citrus give this blend a classic taste that breaches borders and kicks off fiestas every day of the week.

Ground Pico Blanco sea salt, chipotle peppers, cilantro, garlic, lemons, limes.


Old Coast Canyon:

As illuminated in his 1962 novel Big Sur, Jack Kerouac and his cronies frequently traveled on the “Old Coast Road” to gather at a colleague’s cabin, earning it the nickname “The Beatnik Byway.” Today, the road remains the same narrow dirt road those literary legends once traversed, still winding around the mossy riparian forests, over babbling brooks through the damp Bixby Canyon. The ingredients in this blend can be found along this amazing drive.Bring it to your table with this blend.  

Pico Blanco sea salt, sage, leek, thyme, orange zest


Nestled in the Ventana Wilderness, miles above Highway 1, the Outlaw Camp is shrouded in mystery. Was it an illegal redwood shake operation? Why was it abandoned? The world may never know.
Big Sur Salts offers "Outlaw", a smokehouse rub that pulls on your heart strings and runs off with your taste buds with reckless abandon.

Mesquite smoked Pico Blanco sea salt, tomatoes, red bell peppers, paprika, parsley, garlic, black peppercorns, thyme, 2 row malt

Three Peaks:

The Three Peaks trail in the Silver Peak Wilderness is one of the most intriguing areas of the backcountry. A nice place to camp, of course, with a variety of sun/shade options, a picnic table, and even a water source complete with a dunking pool. The trail, however, provides a vigorous jaunt into the wilderness, expansive views from a ridgeline, and a wonderful variety of vegetation to awaken the spirited adventurer. 

Big Sur Salts kept getting asked, "Why don't you make basic blends, like Lemon Pepper?" The initial answer was that it's been done, a lot. As time moved on, and the same questions kept being asked, they made a decision that if, for example, they were to produce a Lemon Pepper blend it would have to be their way. 

"Three Peaks" is their long-awaited twist on the classic Lemon Pepper!

Pico Blanco sea salt, lemon verbena, nasturtium flowers, pink peppercorns, lemon zest.


Wildcat Camp, a small campground nestled just inside the Los Padres National Forest, is a hidden, yet rugged gem for the true wilderness adventurer. Trails run off in a variety of directions, a grassy meadow hums nearby, Chews Ridge dominates the landscape as large alder trees provide shade and cover, and there's a creek to refresh and keep the craft beers cold. It's the perfect spot to kick back by yourself or with a small pride of friends and family. It's also the inspiration for one of our most coveted blends. 
Finding the camp is no walk in the park, but once you finish the hunt and claim your territory, this "Wildcat" seasonal blend will roar into your kitchen with a variety of flavors that spice things up and keep you licking your chops.
Wildcat rolls across the ridge with mandarin oranges, followed quickly by a crash of ginger and yellow bell peppers. Italian parsley shakes out the forest floor and jalapeños brighten and mildly buzz into the next bite. 

Pico Blanco sea salt, mandarin orange, yellow bell pepper, ginger, jalapeño, and Italian parsley.

Pico Blanco:

Procuring this 100% hand-harvested salt requires adventurous harvesting on the rocky Big Sur coastline, followed by a complex dehydration process that relies on several environmental factors. The big effort that it takes to get it is rewarded in the final product; a pure, delicious bridge to the natural world in tiny crystal form.  Available in coarse salt texture, use this as your pièce de résistance during final plating or replace the salt in your signature recipe. Pico Blanco is an all-natural substitute for everyday seasoning needs. This serves as the base for all Big Sur Salts blends.  

Spanish for "White Peak,” Pico Blanco is perhaps the most recognizable mountain in Big Sur’s Santa Lucia Range. Located at the northwestern end of the Los Padres National Forest a few miles south of Monterey, Pico Blanco splits the north and south forks of the Little Sur River. It boasts a prominent 3,709 foot peak containing the largest limestone deposit in the state of California.

Gavilán is our garlic salt made with organic Christopher Ranch garlic from Gilroy, CA! It's a blend of a coarse salt and garlic with scallions and mustard flower. 
Named not only for the hawks seen floating above Big Sur, it is also a nod to Gavilan College where one of the Garlic Festival's founders is a professor. 
Ingredients: Pico Blanco sea salt, Gilroy garlic, scallions, and mustard flower. 
Diablo is named for Devil's Peak in Big Sur. It is a grueling hike from Bottcher's Gap, especially in August. The wild blueberries growing along the trek are what became the foundation for this blend. It is a blueberry salt blended with habañero, jalapeño, anaheim, and chile de arbol peppers.  
Ingredients: Pico Blanco sea salt, blueberry, habañero, jalapeño, anaheim, and chile de arbol peppers.  
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