Big Sur Sea Salt Wildcat

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These salts are handcrafted with sea salt from the Big Sur area and herbs and spices grown by local farmers.
It can be used for everything from veggies, to meats, or salads! The possibilities are endless!


Wildcat Camp, a small campground nestled just inside the Los Padres National Forest, is a hidden, yet rugged gem for the true wilderness adventurer. Trails run off in a variety of directions, a grassy meadow hums nearby, Chews Ridge dominates the landscape as large alder trees provide shade and cover, and there's a creek to refresh and keep the craft beers cold. It's the perfect spot to kick back by yourself or with a small pride of friends and family. It's also the inspiration for one of our most coveted blends. 

Finding the camp is no walk in the park, but once you finish the hunt and claim your territory, this "Wildcat" seasonal blend will roar into your kitchen with a variety of flavors that spice things up and keep you licking your chops.

Wildcat rolls across the ridge with mandarin oranges, followed quickly by a crash of ginger and yellow bell peppers. Italian parsley shakes out the forest floor and jalapeños brighten and mildly buzz into the next bite. 

Pico Blanco sea salt, mandarin orange, yellow bell pepper, ginger, jalapeño, and Italian parsley.


  • Margarita salt rim.
  • Sprinkle or use a a rub for chicken and fish.
  • Use with some freshly squeezed citrus on that salad instead of oily dressing.
  • As a fresh fruit topper.


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