Big Sur Sea Salt Outlaw

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These salts are handcrafted with sea salt from the Big Sur area and herbs and spices grown by local farmers.
It can be used for everything from veggies, to meats, or salads! The possibilities are endless!


Nestled in the Ventana Wilderness, miles above Highway 1, the Outlaw Camp is shrouded in mystery. Was it an illegal redwood shake operation? Why was it abandoned? The world may never know.
Big Sur Salts offers "Outlaw", a smokehouse rub that pulls on your heart strings and runs off with your taste buds with reckless abandon.

Mesquite smoked Pico Blanco sea salt, tomatoes, red bell peppers, paprika, parsley, garlic, black peppercorns, thyme, 2 row malt.


  • Perfect on any bbq, hands down. Incredible with grilled pork belly.
  • Spice up those midweek burger cravings.
  • A much needed kick on steamed veggies!
  • Excellent as a salt rim for a Bloody Mary.


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