Big Sur Sea Salt Diablo

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These salts are handcrafted with sea salt from the Big Sur area and herbs and spices grown by local farmers.
It can be used for everything from veggies, to meats, or salads! The possibilities are endless!


Diablo is named for Devil's Peak in Big Sur. It is a grueling hike from Bottcher's Gap, especially in August. The wild blueberries growing along the trek are what became the foundation for this blend. It is a blueberry salt blended with habañero, jalapeño, anaheim, and chile de arbol peppers. This is one for those who like it hot!

Ingredients: Pico Blanco sea salt, blueberry, habañero, jalapeño, anaheim, and chile de arbol peppers.  


  • On sea bass and other white fish.
  • On poultry dishes.
  • Rim salt for beverages.
  • On a burger!


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