Bee’s Wrap Drying Rack

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This Drying Rack is a minimalist solution to care for not only Bee’s Wrap, but all the reusables in your life.

  • We know the ritual of caring for reusables is an extra step. This drying rack sets up to do the job using less work area than standard dishracks.
  • Easy-to-use design fits it all – reusable water bottles, mugs, kitchen tools, and of course, Bee’s Wrap!
  • Helps extend the life of your Bee’s Wrap with proper care.
  • As functional as it is beautiful, this Nordic-inspired design will fit any kitchen decor.
  • Assembles in seconds and disassembles quickly for flat, compact storage. Take with you on outdoor adventures for on-the-go convenience, keeping reusables clean without taking up space.
  • Made in Vermont from 100% solid maple, the Drying Rack’s non-toxic whey-based coating is stain resistant.
  • Built for the rinse and repeat longevity of your daily reusable routine
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