Bamboo Coasters- Set of 4

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Just like a great painting deserves a great frame, your glassware and mugs deserve a fine resting place. One that will protect tables, chairs, counter tops and surfaces without putting up a fuss or ruining the decor. A coaster that says to them, “Welcome. Join us. Relax. Feel free to set your drink down and stay awhile.” 

Our set of four coasters does just that. Made of sustainably harvested bamboo, smoothed by hand, and finished with all-natural oil, these coasters protect your belongings while oozing the kind of refined elegance you’ve always dreamed of for your living room, family room, den or vacation hideaway.

Each coaster is 3 3/4 inches square with gorgeous vertical grain and your choice of a range of seasonal and stylish motifs burned into each coaster. Use them indoors or out, on the road or at home. They are hand-washable in warm, soapy water, and their smooth bottoms won’t scratch the surfaces of furniture or counters. Perhaps it’s taken you this long to realize what’s missing from your counter top or bar, but now that finally know, isn’t it a relief?

The perfectly accented home. Just another service we provide.

3 3/4"

  • Smooth base won’t scratch furniture
  • Hand finished with food-safe natural oil
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water


Whether you are entertaining or enjoying your favorite hot or cold drink, our hand burned bamboo coasters will keep your surfaces ring and spot free for years. 

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