Anti-Foaming Agent 2oz

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Anti-Foam Agent by The Real Milk Paint Company  is a food-grade additive used to reduce the foam and improve the smoothness of your paint. It can be used when necessary to control the foamy head on Real Milk Paint®. Just like milk blended into a cappuccino, Real Milk Paint® will sometimes develop a foamy head when strongly agitated. Anti – Foam will reduce or eliminate foaming and bubbling in our non-toxic paint, enabling easier mixing and application. Anti-Foam will help the powder pigments disperse more easily into the water; some of the pigment powder colors such as “Salmon” and “Bright Red” tend to float on the water, making mixing and homogeneity difficult. Anti-Foam will break surface tension to allow faster mixing and the proper texture of paint for application. As a side benefit it will also make the paint smoother.


  1. First, mix Real Milk Paint® pigment powder into water, following written instruction.
  2. Mildly agitate mechanically or with a stir stick.
  3. After slightly mixing, add 2-4 drops of Anti-Foam per pint of paint.
  4. Stir into solution and watch the bubbles dissipate.
  5. When used in recommended amounts, Anti-Foam will not negatively affect adhesion of paint to surfaces.
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