Honest Earth Massage Candle

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 These GMO free soy wax candles melt into a wonderful moisturizer when burned. Soy wax has a low melting point, so you can dip your fingers right into the melted wax (after blowing out the flame!) and apply it to your skin. 
Here at Eco Carmel we love the Peppermint candle for tired feet!
Approximately 40 hour burn time.
INGREDIENTS: non-gmo soy wax, essential oil, unbleached cotton wick

• 100% natural NON GMO soy wax 
• Metal and lead free wicks unbleached cotton wick
• Free of color additives
• 100% pure essential oil
• Virtually no black soot or smoke 
• Aromatherapy grade
• Clean up with soap and water
• Soy wax meets FDA standard
• Free of Genetically Modified Materials
• Spa quality massage oil

...Good for Earth 
• Zero dependence on foreign oil
• Biodegradable soy wax
• Not tested on animals
• Free of palm wax 
• Recyclable packaging
• Reusable containers
• Supports U.S. farmers
• Zero waste for landfills
• Sustainable production practices
• NO petroleum products used
• Free of pesticides and herbicides
• Free of synthetics

Earth Friendly
Honest Earth Candles is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the world we live in. We believe in being good stewards of the Earth. All of our products and packaging are reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable. 
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